Question 17. That was then, this is now by S.E Hinton.

I certainly don’t approve what Mark was doing, but to me, what Bryon did, was also something low. Mark was his brother, and the only reason he actually started selling drugs, was because of the money issue. His police records wouldn’t let him get a decent job and he did all he could’ve done to bring in his share in the family. Bryon was so consumed by Cathy, that he didn’t think about the consequences in his own best friend, nearly brother’s life. He knew if he had asked Mark to stop, he would have done it. Mark would have done anything for Bryon and Bryon didn’t even see, nor realized it. He feels guilty at the end because he knows inside that what he did, could have not cause the entire drift between him and the person who counted the most at his eyes. It was SO not a good idea what he did, and Mark didn’t deserve this. He tried doing something, despite the fact he knew if he got caught he would be in trouble , but the poor guy never thought his own brother would have call the cops. 

In conclusion, Bryon’s actions were a complete disaster and in my opinion, he didn’t handle the situaton well, at all! 


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