Question 16. That was then, this is now by S.E Hinton.

Personally, the ending was a bit too fast. Too many important events happened way too quickly and I think, as a reader, that I would have enjoyed it more if it had a couple more chapters explaining thoroughly what happened to M&M, Cathy, Mark and Bryon’s mom. It was that predictable though. I didn’t expect at all that Bryon was going to call the cops. I expected more of a confrontation, or even a fight. On another hand, their relationship was already doomed, because of them going seperate ways, but for them to end it this way more than I expected. It was also the foreshadowed part in the ending. They were drifting apart, and we could predict this fact throughout the book. In the beginning, Mark also stated that he would never forgive someone who would hurt him. Eventually at the end, after he got arrested, we see that he will never forgive Bryon and always hold a grudge towards him. This leaves ¬†him to also become “mean” since he doesn’t care about anything anymore.


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