Question 9. That was then, this is now by S.E Hinton.

In my opinion, Bryon’s mother didn’t do a good as being a mother. Yes, as it is mentionned in the book, she loved Mark and Bryon, but she had never set any groud rules whatsoever in order to keep them in the right path. If she had been more present in Bryon’s life, he would have been able today to know what is good and acceptable to do or not. The only adult who made an impact on them was Charlie. Also, by not being so close to his mom, the boys didn’t know how to respect properly a girl. Yes, there was Angela and Cathy, but mainly all the other girls whom Bryon dated never interested and for him it was only a game. Another thing would be that she never put a curfew or check their grades or anything like that. Not having any authority on the, they used to come in late and fight a lot since they were kids and even didn’t bother about their education. The main consequence of the absence of their mother would be that they didn’t have someone to support them and to get out of their economic and social problems. It took something really hard to make Bryon realize that he had to do something but for Mark, it doesn’t seem that he bothers. Lastly, without the parent figure, Mark and Bryon would always do something, it could be good or bad, but they wouldn’t think about how it might come back in the future. By example, when Bryon cut off Angela’s hair, even though all he wanted was a little bit a revenge towards her, he didn’t think that she had her brothers and would probably be beaten up later on.



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