Question 11. That was then, this is now by S.E Hinton

In chapter 7, we can see that Mark and Bryon both took advantage when Angela was drunk. She had hurt Bryon in the past and was the reason why Mark was beaten up on the dance night.  They saw that she was drunk and was blabbing about her married life and how she did care for Bryon.  They took her in and while she was sobbing, Mark got hold on a rum bottle and a pair of scissors. In revenge to what she had done, he decided to cut her hair, even though at first Bryon wasn’t too sure, but quickly changed his mind. They know that her hair was something that made her proud, but as Bryon said, she’ll come up with story saying she was tired of that hot mess, but deep down Mark knows that it would kill her, since it was the night he saw Angela Sheppard being vulnerable.


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