Question 6. That was then, this is now By S.E Hinton.

I was a bit surprised when Charlie died in Chapter 5. I had a feeling that someone was going to be hurt somehow, since Charlie warned the boys that those cowboys were dangerous, but I didn’t expect him to die.  He had it all figured out and it had to end up in a really bad way for him.  In my opinion, it will have a huge impact on Bryon and Mark’s life, since they are somehow involved Charlie’s death and it wouldn’t had happened if they didn’t hustle on that night. They’ll eventually feel guilty, but also will affect a part of them, since Charlie was one of the few who cared for their well being and their security.  They were also pretty close , which will make it even harder for the boys. I think it is the first time that someone’s death will affect them, since those shootings are pretty much present at that time in history.


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