Question 5. That was then, this is now by S.E Hinton

In Chapter 4, we discover more about how life used to be for Bryon and Mark. Since they know each other from a young age, they shared a lot of experiences together and while Mark is still recovering, they had a reminiscing moment.

Mark had a a great memory- better than mine, which is pretty good- and he brought up little goofy things we had done when were young that I’d forgotten about.

It was a different time back and that is why the book’s title is relevant to the story, because it tells us that they are going through different phases, and things don’t remain the same. They are both struggling and are on their way to accept the fact that life goes on.

Do you ever get the feeling that the whole thing is changin’? Like somethin’ is coming to an end because somethin’ else is beginning?

Some things ends, while new things begin, and that is what Bryon refers too, that was then, this is now.


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