Question 4. That was then, this is now by S.E Hinton

In chapter 3,  we can define more Mark and Bryon’s relationship after many events such as the dance . At the bar, while talking to Charlie, Mark was straight and honest when he was talking about how Bryon could be and it didn’t bother Bryon, he actually took it well and laugh about it. We can see that they are honest towards each other. Mark also knows that Bryon likes Cathy and got him Mark a shirt. On another hand, during the night of the dance, Mark was attacked while he tried to defend Curtis. When Mark learned what happened, he ran outside to find it and stayed with from that moment. Bryon was nearly crying because Mark is his brother for him and seeing him hurting like that for the wrong reasons.  We can conclude after ther dicussions that they are real partners and mean a lot to each others.


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